Tertiary Education

  • Online courses are designed around optimizing learning outcomes and based on the latest research in learning science, on a leading LMS (Learning Management System) used by the world’s leading education providers.
  • Online courses are customized to continuously improve online and blended learning outcomes.
  • Training and support is provided to managers and educators to mitigate traditional resistance to the adoption and implementation of ICT in teaching and learning, due to the “lack of teachers’ competence, resistance to change and negative attitudes, lack of time, lack of effective training, lack of accessibility, lack of technical support, difficulty in integrating ICT instruction in classrooms, observability and trialability.” (Basak, 2015)



Basak, S. K., & Govender, D. W. (2015). Development of A conceptual framework regarding the factors inhibiting teachers’ successful adoption and implementation of ICT in teaching and learning. The International Business & Economics Research Journal (Online), 14(3), 431. Retrieved from https://search.proquest.com/docview/1681158323

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