Data Science:

Data science is a way of thinking, not just an assortment of methods.

Data is numeric, textual, graphic (including). interpretation and communication is essentiel to all data science.

Computational thinking concepts including decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithmic thinking are outlined, and data representation and analysis and the processes of cleaning, presenting, and visualizing data.

The data science curriculum teach skills in data-driven problem design and algorithms for data analytics and big data, through the following Postgraduate Certificate level courses.

  • Data Science: Foundations; Ways of thinking about data, Interpretation and Communication
  • Data Analytics: Tools – Excel, SAS, SPSS, STATA, Python, Java,  R
  • Data Science: Modelling and Visualizing Data; Statistics, Probability and Inference
  • Data Science; Wrangling
  • Data Science: Internet of Things
  • Data Science: Prediction and Machine Learning
  • Data Science: Business and Finance Case Applications
  • Programme Case(s):  Exam and  or Project

Individual courses are also available to complete for standalone certificates of achievement.

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